Some forthcoming scientific events.
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Pub Date: 02/01/2011
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Symposium/Seminar/Workshop          Contact Address
Course/Conference (Date & Place)

Training on basic understanding     Dr Naveen K.V., Co-Head, ICMR
of yoga techniques & training in    Center for Advanced Research in
neurophysiological techniques       Yoga & Neurophysiology, SVYASA
relevant to yoga research           #19, Eknath Bhavan, Gavipuram
(January 16-February 13, 2011;      Circle, Kempegowda Nagar
Bangalore)                          Bangalore 560 019, India
                                    Tel: 91-9742102911, 9886462201
                                    Fax: 91-080-26608645

III Biennial Conference of          Website: www.gisicon2011manipal.
Gastrointestinal Infection          org
Society of India, GISICON 2011
(May 13-14, 2011; Manipal)

IX National Conference on           Dr Amita Aggarwal, Department of
Pediatric Rheumatology              Clinical Immunology, Sanjay
(September 3-4, 2011; Lucknow)      Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of
                                    Medical Sciences
                                    Lucknow 226 014, India
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