The Smart Life Forum story.
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Author: Field, Stan
Pub Date: 02/01/2012
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In 1992, Kathryn Grosz conceived the idea of bringing together a group of intelligent people to discuss health-oriented subjects with the aim of learning how to improve their lives. It was realized that medicine (diagnosis and treatment of disease) did not concentrate on health.

Kathryn did a tremendous amount of advertising and promoting to get people to attend. At the first meeting, only three people came. Her bill for the meeting room was $200. Although this route was too expensive, her enthusiasm did not allow her to give

She moved the meetings to her home to save renting costs in a hotel. She even cooked meals in her home for members so they could leave work, have dinner, and be at the meeting on time. Through advertising, she usually had 45 to 50 people at each monthly meeting. At one meeting, she had 90 people for dinner. She did this for a couple of years to acquire a critical mass of intelligent people to explore the impact of nutrition, environment, and lifestyle on overall health. She spent thousands of dollars of her own money and an untold amount of time to create the Smart Life Group.

Success and Burnout

Kathryn was her own board of directors. She arranged to get speakers and she wrote the newsletter. She also sponsored and arranged two national conferences for the Smart Life Group. She was so dedicated to the success of this venture that she eventually consumed all of her life savings! She could not continue the intensity required to make her dream a success. However, her strong will and intelligence would not allow failure. Kathryn then formed the board of directors to take the workload with the hope that the Smart Life Group would survive. She had done the work of many people. She was doing the impossible!

Survival and Growth

In 1996, I had bought the Smart Drugs books and then started a subscription to Smart Drugs News, written by Steve Fowkes. I appreciated his ability to write clearly about technically complicated subjects. One day I called Steve and asked him about Smart Life Forum, which appeared in one his reports. I discovered that Steve was the first president of SLF.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find such a vibrant group of intelligent people (30 to 40 at each meeting) interested in all matters of health and longevity. I was so energized that I volunteered to write the monthly newsletter of the Smart Life Forum. Previously, the newsletter was written by Tony Barbel la. The program director (the person who arranged to get the speakers) was Harvey Miller.

In the year 2000, Phil Jacklin became the second SLF president. He and Mike Korek, the new program director, expanded the meeting attendance to 100 to 150 people, which required a major change in the capacity of meeting facilities.

SLF changed my life! Enthusiastically I began to study biochemistry and physiology using my chemical engineering background with the hope and determination to stay healthy to the end.

Over the years, there have been many knowledgeable speakers who have educated us. At a recent SLF meeting, 180 people listened to Dr. Stephen Strum, one of the foremost in his field of medical oncology, give an outstanding two-hour lecture on prostate cancer. Everyone there was charged up!

Honoring Kathryn

In May 2008, SLF honored Kathryn Grosz by giving her a plaque of appreciation. The plaque said:

Stan Field
This is to express our appreciation for your superb
  and successful effort to create The Smart Life Forum.
  Your unrelenting drive assembled a critical mass
  of intelligent people to explore the impact
  of nutrition, environment and lifestyle is unique.
  Thanks to you, members of Smart Life Forum are
  knowledgeable enough to achieve health and avoid
  the dangers of conventional medicine and pharmacy.
  Kathryn, we salute you!
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