Role of kaumatua and kuia endorsed.
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Pub Date: 08/01/2011
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Full Text: The hoard has acknowledged the role of kaumatua and kuia within NZNO and supports the development of a kaumatua and kuia ropu to support and advise the chief executive and Te Runanga. It also supports the establishment of roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for kaumatua and kuia within NZNO.

The hoard considered a paper on these roles. Knowledge of tikanga, matauranga Maori and te reo Maori are integral to the kaumatua and kuia role, as is their desire to share, teach and guide future generations. The paper said a consistent approach across the organisation was needed to ensure kaumatua and kuia were not used in a haphazard manner. Since December 2009, te poari, NZNO's chief executive Geoff Annals and kaumatua and kuia have tried to progress this kaupapa, as well as re-establish the relationship with some kaumatua and kuia who have felt aggrieved by some of NZNO's actions. A number of hui have been held and at Te Runanga's AGH last month, kaumatua and kuia were invited to further discuss and advance the kaupapa. * The hoard also heard of Te Runanga's desire to be more involved in planning NZNO's Matariki celebrations. Board and te poari members who attended this year's Matariki celebrations thanked the staff working committee for its work to make the evening successful. Annals explained that NZNO's Matariki celebrations had evolved from being a staff event to being a large-scale celebration with government ministers in attendance. Annals is to meet with appropriate staff and te poari to plan for Matariki 2012.
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