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Pub Date: 01/01/2008
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Issue: Date: Annual, 2008 Source Volume: 15 Source Issue: 1
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Full Text: There were initially two list serves used by many of the members of the Society of Rogerian Scholars, one at NYU and one managed by Fran Biley. The Board of Directors voted in Fall 2003 to support one list serve created on the Yahoo groups site that is co-moderated by Thomas Cox and Fran Biley. The Society of Rogerian Scholars encourages all members to migrate to the yahoo list serve.

To subscribe to the Yahoo groups listserver: The homepage for the listserver is:

You can join the group by going to that page or by sending an email to: Put "Subscribe" in the subject line and in the first line of the text box for the email--We're not sure this is really necessary but it is worth doing. If you have any trouble subscribing or at any time--write to Thomas Cox ("bear") at: and he will graciously help.

List serve moderated by Fran Biley

The list serve that was previously moderated by Fran Biley is no longer in operation. The archive for the list serve that Fran Biley moderated goes back to 1989. and is available at: wa.exe?GETPW1=SUBED1%3Dnurserogers%26D%3D0%26F% 3D%26H%3D0%26O%3DT%26S%3D%26T%3D0

To get to this archive, you must register and then go to the list Nurse-Rogers. It is here that you will find list serve dialogue from September 1998-October 2003.
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