Review of the literature into effective literacy instruction with braille.
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Pub Date: 08/01/2011
Publication: Name: Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 American Foundation for the Blind ISSN: 0145-482X
Issue: Date: August, 2011 Source Volume: 105 Source Issue: 8
Topic: Event Code: 310 Science & research
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Full Text: The teaching of literacy through the medium of braille has been a topic of interest for researchers and educators for many years. Findings from some studies in the United Kingdom suggest considerable variation in approaches to the teaching of braille literacy-for example, in the timing of the introduction of contractions, and in the role played by paraeducators in the teaching of braille. There is also a wealth of information and resources on developing children's braille reading skills, but there has been little research into the efficacy of these approaches. A new publication by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) entitled A review of the literature into effective practice in teaching literacy through Braille, by Steve McCall, Mike McLinden and Graeme Douglas, offers a review of the literature on teaching literacy through braille. The authors collate relevant U.K.-based braille reading schemes and present their findings in a way that is designed to be of practical use for teachers. The paper is available for free download online at: . For more information, contact: RNIB, 105 Judd Street, London, England, WC1H 9NE, United Kingdom; phone: +(0)20-7388-1266.
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