Remember Me.
Article Type: Poem
Author: Epperson, Claudia
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Full Text: Claudia Epperson (209-529-8583;, MSW/PPSW/RAS deeply believes in the truths expressed in the word of God. She understands that there is victory in obedience to God's principles and the wisdom of the scriptures. This is the solid foundation on which her work stands and she seeks to impart spiritual knowledge through her writings and songs.

Ms. Claudia Epperson is a servant leader, who grew up in a rural community in California's Central Valley. Using her exemplary leadership skills Claudia has worked in the educational field for more than thirty-five years. She is a catalyst for change and sees developing new leaders as one of her most important roles. Working with youth and adults, she has been recognized by many civic and community groups. She is currently employed by Sacramento City Unified School District.

In her not so spare, spare-time, Ms. Epperson enjoys painting, writing poetry and songs, swimming, world travel and catering grand events. Ms. Epperson is a dedicated member of Modesto Christian Center and serves as a Deacon and Sunday School teacher She has performed at Culture Club Collection, Center for Collective Planning, Underground Books, Luna's Cafe, The Show Poetry Series, UC Davis, local schools, churches and civic and community groups in the Central Valley.
Remember Me

   Remember me
   The one that created a home for you
   Your own private retreat
   Allowing you to escape the harsh realities of your world
   A sanctuary filled with laughter and peace
   Orderly and clean
   Fit for a Warrior King

   Remember me
   The one that stood by you, supported whatever you would do
   Validated the man you were created to be
   Took pleasure in seeing you lead with dignity and pride
   Recognized the depth of wisdom and knowledge you held inside
   Always encouraging you to soar
   To reach for the places you only dreamed of before

   Remember me
   The one that massaged all your tension and stress away
   Your freshly bathed body, wet, drenched in scented oils
   Thought you were on Cloud Nine every other day
   Then in the flickering flames of candlelight
   I listened to your hopes and embraced your dreams
   While not losing sight of my own

   Remember me
   The one that loved you deeply
   My unconditional love given to you
   So freely and completely
   Our souls blending together as one heartbeat
   Like the beauty of the sunset
   Where sea and sky meet

   Remember me
   The one that always honored and respected you
   No silly games, no tricks, no child's play
   Only blessings filled your day
   Before you go

   Stop at the door
   Take some time
   Reflect in your mind
   And consider your wife,
   The awesome treasure you will leave behind
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