Subject: Peptic ulcer (Tests, problems and exercises)
Suicidal behavior (Tests, problems and exercises)
Bones (Density)
Bones (Tests, problems and exercises)
Pub Date: 05/01/2012
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Issue: Date: May, 2012 Source Volume: 102 Source Issue: 5
Topic: Canadian Subject Form: Suicidal behaviour
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1. True (A) or false (B):

In diplegia (bilateral spastic cerebral palsy) the lower limbs are more affected than the upper limbs and fine motor function is usually impaired.

2. True (A) or false (B):

Periventricular leucomalacia (PVL) is only found in preterm infants.

3. True (A) or false (B):

In the Elsies River emergency centre (EC), 70% of trauma cases were caused by violence and 47% of these patients were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol.

4. True (A) or false (B):

Most trauma patients reporting to the Elsies River EC were males aged between 19 and 35 years.

5. True (A) or false (B):

The lifetime prevalence of major depression in South Africa is 9.7%.

6. True (A) or false (B):

Factors predisposing to suicide attempts include female gender, physical illness, occupation and marital status.

7. True (A) or false (B):

In the study of tricyclic antidepressant overdose carried out at Tygerberg Academic Hospital, the mortality rate was particularly high.

8. True (A) or false (B):

Low doses of systemic isotretinoin rarely cure even minor degrees of acne vulgaris.

9. True (A) or false (B):

Potential adverse effects of systemic isotretinoin include depression and suicidal ideation.

10. True (A) or false (B):

Globally, the only drugs recommended for maintenance treatment of acne, after initial clearance, are topical retinoids and hormonal treatment in females, which may be combined.

11. True (A) or false (B):

Topical retinoids seem to have no teratogenic effect when used in pregnancy, but have not been cleared for use in pregnant women.

12. True (A) or false (B):

Carotid artery intima-media thickness (CIMT) serves as a marker of preclinical atherosclerosis.

13. True (A) or false (B):

Most women with fragility fractures have osteopenia and not osteoporosis.

14. True (A) or false (B):

Prediction of fracture risk is claimed not to be improved by using multiple sites for the measurement of bone mineral density.

15. True (A) or false (B):

Bone mineral density accounts for only 50% of bone strength, which means that many factors related to BMD and independent of BMD affect both bone strength and fracture risk.

16. True (A) or false (B):

Only 30-40% of post-exercise respiratory tract symptoms are caused by infections.

17. True (A) or false (B):

Athletes experience lower rates of allergic disease than the general population.

18. True (A) or false (B):

Medical co-morbidity was the cause of death in over half of deaths in patients with bleeding peptic ulcers who underwent successful primary endotherapy.

19. True (A) or false (B):

Rebleeding after primary endotherapy was a risk factor for death by day 3 after a bleeding peptic ulcer.

20. True (A) or false (B):

The need for surgical intervention in bleeding peptic ulcer was a direct predictor of mortality.


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