Profile--Dr. Katherine MacAdam, BScKin, MSc, DC.
Pub Date: 10/01/2009
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Issue: Date: Oct, 2009 Source Volume: 53 Source Issue: 4
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Dr. Kate MacAdam attained her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree from the University of New Brunswick in 2000 and majored in Athletic Therapy. Her work with varsity athletes introduced her to sport chiropractic treatment for athletic injuries. Dr. MacAdam was accepted to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and had the intention of pursuing graduate study in sports chiropractic sciences. Upon graduating from CMCC with clinic honours in 2005, Dr. MacAdam was accepted in the Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) sports sciences residency program and concurrently pursued a graduate degree.

Dr. MacAdam completed a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the School of Health and Human Performance Dalhousie University in May 2009, under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Savoy. Her Master Thesis entitled, "Does guided imagery as an adjunct to chiropractic treatment affect pain and disability in physically active adults with chronic low back pain?" concluded that guided imagery may be beneficial as an adjunct to spinal manipulative therapy in the treatment of chronic low back pain. The guided imagery CDs which Dr. MacAdam developed for the use of the study are now available for distribution for patients with chronic low back pain. She has presented her research at peer-reviewed conferences and has submitted her research for publication.

Her first published research was in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2005. As an undergraduate student, she was a co-author with Dr. Howard Vernon in the study entitled, "Validation of a sham manipulative procedure for the cervical spine for use in clinical trials."

Dr. MacAdam is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and works as a mental performance consultant as well as a chiropractor. She specializes in utilizing guided imagery as an adjunct to chiropractic treatment for injury healing, pain management, stress and anxiety reduction and injury rehabilitation. Dr. MacAdam has been an instructor for Sport Psychology at the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University since 2006 and is a mentor for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The mentor program is for "researchers" or "scientists" to mentor students/youth in their respective fields.

Dr. MacAdam's future plans consist of continuing her education by pursuing an Interdisciplinary PhD from Dalhousie University.
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