Positive effects of exercise on falls and fracture risk in osteopenic women/Osteopenik kadinlarda egzersizin dusme ve kirik riski uzerine etkisi.
Abstract: 98 community-dwelling osteopenic women aged 41-78 years were randomized into either a control (receiving no intervention), or exercise group (two one-hour exercise sessions per week for 20 weeks with a trained physiotherapist). 98 women (mean age 62.01 years, SD 8.9 years) enrolled. The mean number of classes attended for the 42 participants in the exercise group who completed the program was 28.2 of a possible 40 classes (71 %). At the completion of the trial the intervention group showed better performances in balance (unilateral and bilateral stance sway measures, lateral reach, timed up and go and step test) (p < 0.05) with positive training effects reflecting improvements of between 10% to 71 %.Similarly there were gains in strength of the hip muscles (abductors, adductors, and external rotators), quadriceps and trunk extensors with training effects between 9% and 23%. Specific workstation exercises can improve balance and strength in osteopenic women.
Authors: Hourigan, S.R.
Nitz, J.C.
Brauer, S.G.
O'Neill, S.
Wong, J.
Richardson, C.A.
Pub Date: 08/01/2008
Publication: Name: From the Osteoporosis World Publisher: Galenos Yayincilik Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 Galenos Yayincilik ISSN: 1300-9141
Issue: Date: August, 2008
Accession Number: 195755863
Full Text: Hourigan SR, Nitz JC, Brauer SG, O'Neill S, Wong J, Richardson CA

Osteoporos Int 2008,19:1077-86
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