Part of your ANA/TNA dues are tax deductible!
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Tax deductions
Pub Date: 12/22/2008
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Organization: Organization: American Nurses Association
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Full Text: You are allowed to deduct, as a professional/business expense, the percentage of dues that are NOT used by ANA or by TNA for political activities such as lobbying at the legislature. In 2008, the non-deductible percentage for ANA's portion of the dues is 31.44%. The non-deductible percentage for TNA's portion of the dues is 23.4%.

Deductible Amounts:

Full membership in both ANA and TNA paying $274 @ 45.2%--the deduction would be $123.85.

Reduced membership in both ANA and TNA paying $137 @ 45.2%--the deduction would be $61.92.

TNA State-Only member paying $190 @ 76.6%--the deduction would be $145.54.
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