Out of Aotearoa.
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Pub Date: 03/01/2010
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Full Text: Out of Aotearoa is a reference list of publications by New Zealand authors in peer-reviewed scienti fic and professional journals during the previous calendar year(s). This issue covers calendar year 2009.

The intent of OOA is: to inform members of research specifically relevant to New Zealand physiotherapy practice; to highlight the breadth and depth of expertise within (or produced by) the New Zealand physiotherapy community; to facilitate prospective new researchers in the identification of potential supervisors, role-models and mentors; and to celebrate the success of our home-grown academics on the world stage.

Articles are be eligible for inclusion if they report research or scholarly activity relevant to physiotherapy, that was either:

a) conducted in New Zealand, or

b) authored/co-authored by a New Zealand physiotherapist(s) (regardless of whether the author was based locally or overseas), or

c) authored/co-authored by a physiotherapist(s) based in New Zealand (regardless of citizenship or nationality). We invite submissions or referrals of eligible articles at any time, to editor.nzjp@mac.com


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