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Author: Granthem, Dennis G.
Pub Date: 01/01/2012
Publication: Name: Behavioral Healthcare Publisher: Vendome Group LLC Audience: Academic; Trade Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Health care industry; Psychology and mental health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2012 Vendome Group LLC ISSN: 1931-7093
Issue: Date: Jan-Feb, 2012 Source Volume: 32 Source Issue: 1
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Full Text: Just before the holidays, my son Sam came home from college. When he saw me across the room, he said, "Dad, have you lost weight? You look kinda skinny ..." Because I had been eating right and getting a little exercise, I took this as a compliment. Then, after a pause, Sam added, "Shorter too."

When I turned, glaring, to see Sam, I realized that what sounded like a put-down was in fact an observation. In the months since I'd last seen him, Sam appears to have grown another inch or so, leading me to believe that the food at school wasn't so bad after all.

Looking at familiar people--or things--and suddenly seeing how they have grown or evolved over time is an experience that is familiar to all of us. First, you see the person or thing as you always have, and then, occasionally, you actually "see" or register what has changed.

I invite you to see how Behavioral Healthcare magazine has changed at www.behavioral.net. This new site the product of months of work by not only the editorial team, but of a much larger team of Vendome Group colleagues, offers you, our readers, a new design and more of the news, information, and analysis that you're come to expect from Behavioral Healthcare.

This new website, and the months of work that have gone into it, reflect our continued commitment to deliver essential information faster using a new online format that enables you to "page through" daily news and exclusives, but also detailed articles, analyses, and surveys. And, the new website makes information more accessible by enabling you to search and locate information in five ways. Now, you can:


1. Scan top stories and latest news. Our homepage, www.behavioral.net, features a "river" of information, reflecting the latest daily news, stories, and postings, along with editor's picks and blogs.

2. Scan information categories and topics on our menus. Our new menu structure, shown in the black bar, offers top-level categories of information, then shows a series of related topics nested under the main menu item. You can click on top-level categories (Management, for example) to see everything that's new there, or dive deeper into a Management subtopic area like Operations or Strategy right away.

3. Search by words or phrases. A very powerful new search engine, powered by Google, enables you to search for keywords, phrases, subjects, author's names, basically whatever you want on the Behavioral Healthcare site. With this, you'll make short work of finding exactly what you need.

4. Search by related content or topics. At the end of each story, you'll find clickable links to related information. So, don't hesitate to dig deeper on an interesting topic or story--just keep clicking.

5. Search by print issue. To use this feature, a carryover from our previous site, just click in the "Current Issue" box that displays a graphic with the cover of our most recent print issue.

Of course, the familiar print edition of Behavioral Healthcare will continue to arrive in your mailbox, every other month, as before. But if youVe got a computer and a browser, there's no need to wait for the mailman. Our online edition brings you everything you will see in our print issue--and much more-faster than ever.

Our team is confident that you'll enjoy this exciting new website format, and equally confident that you will have questions, comments or "observations" of your own. As always, all are welcome--your thoughts and needs are essential to the continued growth of Behavioral Healthcare and our new website.

Thanks in advance for sharing them.

Dennis. G Granthem Editor-Chief dgrantham@vendomegrp.com
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