Okuyoga momulonga gwaZambezi swimming in the Zambezi.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Swimming (Portrayals)
Books (Authorship)
Language instruction (Methods)
Authors: Lyamine, Imelda
Mulisa, Albius Chunga
Simasiku, Maria
Shitaa, Florence Habayemi
Pub Date: 08/01/2008
Publication: Name: Sister Namibia Publisher: Sister Namibia Audience: Academic; General Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Social sciences; Women's issues/gender studies Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 Sister Namibia ISSN: 1026-9126
Issue: Date: August, 2008 Source Volume: 20 Source Issue: 3
Topic: Canadian Subject Form: Heritage language education
Geographic: Geographic Scope: Namibia Geographic Code: 6NAMI Namibia
Accession Number: 188293341
Full Text: This book tells the story of three young girls adventuring into the Zambezi for swimming races. They learn about competition, defeat, dealing with frustration, and how to forgive.

The tale, written in Oshindonga and English, was part of the Writing for Kids project, a NIED (National Institute for Educational Development) programme designed to promote the literacy of young learners through stories which carry positive local messages. The project took Namibian students through the writing and illustrating process. This story was written by students from the Caprivi College of Education. The illustrations are by Kleopas Jambeinge from the John Muafangejo Art Centre.


Imelda Lyamine, Albius Chunga Mulisa, Maria Simasiku, Florence Habayemi Shitaa

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