Pub Date: 10/01/2009
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Full Text: Skill-mix team: working from more than one base

We are a group of health visitors who work in four different GP practices, two in the town and two from rural locations approximately seven miles away.

We have a skill-mix team and are looking to work corporately across the area, but unfortunately we are unable to be based at the same location. We would like to hear from any other teams who have worked corporately in this way.

Alison Sharp

T 01205 367367


Resources for children and young people educated in settings other than school

We are currently looking at developing a school-age nursing service for children and young people educated in settings other than school. Does anyone have any examples of leaflets or other resources that they have created for the users parents and young people of such a service? Any other advice or information would be equally welcome.

Candy Thompson and Sonal Lea

E or

Maternal mental health

I am a newly-appointed health visitor with a lead for maternal and infant mental health in Hounslow. I would like to hear from colleagues in similar posts to share ideas and plans for the future development of this role. My initial task is to set up a group for women with postnatal depression and their infants. A focus will be mother-infant interaction and maternal sensitivity. It would be interesting to hear from colleagues who have run similar groups.

Hilary Soobhany

T 0208 630 3632

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