New and reinstated members.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Medical societies (Officials and employees)
Pub Date: 03/22/2012
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Issue: Date: Spring, 2012 Source Volume: 75 Source Issue: 1
Topic: Event Code: 540 Executive changes & profiles
Product: Product Code: 8622000 Medical Associations NAICS Code: 81392 Professional Organizations SIC Code: 8621 Professional organizations
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Full Text: District 1

Lisa Best, Linda R. Billings, Jennifer Dolmon, Cynthia S. Hite, Mindy Jacobson Lipson, Roslyn D. Nichols, Josefina E. Palmer, Sue A. Piller, Paula Walker


District 2

Laura A. Cutler, Douglas Donovan Dodd, Barbara K. Folsom, Heather Hamstra, Helen G. Oledan, Joni Orrick, Charles R. Sanders, Shelly Renee Shempert

District 3

Lindsey A. Baksh, Katherine E. Farquhar, Tally Sam Fitzgerald, Kathleen Grubb, Kathryn M. Heidorn, Tara Jenkins, Stephanie Johnson-Smalley, Jana L. Lauderdale, Andrea D. Lee, Carole J. Lovering, Leilani Mason-Smieja, Christina M. Moore, Sean E. Smithey, Christine S. Tomes, Joanne L. Waldrup, Lindsey Williford

District 4

Clara Jo Bradley, Curtis C. Dush, Lashaun L. Paul, Nancy Savage, Pamela L. West

District 5

Terri A. Blevins, Melissa R. Cogdill, Melinda K. Collins, Kim M. Harp, Norma Jean Rogers, Michelle L. Sampson, April L. Stidham, Somer J. Young

District 6

Melissa L. Bolton, Christine F. Byrer, Twonia Goyer, Andrea L. Hay, Ramsey Paulk

District 8

Janice Pearsall, Debra H. Sullivan

District 9

Ashley D. Dodson, Deborah Sutherland, Cheryl L. Wathen

District 10

Jamie J. Morris, Rina M. Prosser, Melissa B. Swinea

District 15

Jayna Reyes, Tiffany N. Smith
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