Muscle testing results.
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Subject: Lyme disease (Diagnosis)
Lyme disease (Patient outcomes)
Lyme disease (Case studies)
Author: Buratti, Jon
Pub Date: 08/01/2010
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Full Text: I had one particular client come in with his blood work verifying that he had Lyme disease. Muscle testing picked up on low thyroid, an active case of genital herpes, and a Candida infection. I treated him with several sets of Monastery of Herbs and Systemic-Gf-Thyroid formula. His body did not want any of the Lyme formulas at this time, as any bacterial blend made it go weak.

The client returned in 25 days for another test, and his body tested for Monastery of Herbs' East Coast Lyme formula and other tissue support blends. The client informed me 60 days later that his blood work was clear and he was feeling fine.

Muscle testing may not always give the logical remedies for symptoms, but I believe that the testing gets to the root of any infection or symptoms that the body presents. Logically, he wanted just the Lyme formula, but the testing method with it made him weak. This single Lyme set may have worked for him, but with the other underlying problems his body tested for, he would have been on the Lyme blend several more times had he not pursued taking the herbs in the order of the muscle-testing results. He did not disclose to me before the testing that he had an active case of genital herpes, which also cleared up after his first round of herbals.

The client came in promptly after discovering his Lyme antibodies and was able to clear his problems quickly. Depending on the amount of time a person suffers, it may take several more rounds of herbal treatments to affect this outcome.

I do not have a financial interest in either Systemic Formulas or the Monastery of Herbs.

Jon Buratti, ND

Burbank, California

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