Mr. Rhode Island: A Harrowing Courtroom Thriller.
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Author: Skaff, Richard
Pub Date: 03/22/2012
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Issue: Date: Spring, 2012 Source Volume: 21 Source Issue: 1
Topic: NamedWork: Mr. Rhode Island: A Harrowing Courtroom Thriller (Novel)
Persons: Reviewee: Seifer, Marc J.; Rosati, Stephen
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A Harrowing Courtroom Thriller



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A Tale of Injustice: The Rosati's Case

There are many questions regarding "justice" and the people allegedly tasked to carry it out, including the following:

Per example, are human beings capable of being totally objective and just?

Is it possible that alleged protectors of justice--such as law enforcement and judicial systems--could seek and defend the truth without bias or ulterior motives?

Is it the protector who often ends up being the offender?

Does law enforcement attract individuals with proclivity to sadism, power mongering, and corruption?

Were the law enforcement and the judicial system intentionally designed to discriminate against ethnic and racial minorities?

Does the desire for control and ultimate power constitute a natural human tendency and a need that festers deep into the human soul and psyche and is brought out by circumstances?

"Mr. Rhode Island" seeks to answer some of these questions. This book is about a young man from a wealthy Italian family who lived an idyllic childhood and an exciting adulthood. All was supposedly rosy until he was arrested for a crime he did not commit. The true story of Stephen Rosati, who was caught in a trap, but his resilience and ability to survive, empowered him to remain alive in a corrupt prison system. It is also the story of his undaunted and loving parents who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a cornucopia of attorneys to save the life of their innocent son.

The author's skillful story-telling ability transforms this book from a heartwarming family tale to a courtroom drama filled with deceit, agony, and torment. It is a frightening account about the injustice of our justice system, as an innocent person could be indicted and convicted at any time to satisfy the self-serving needs and political agenda of the local police and other involved law enforcement agencies. The fact is that convictions reflect competence, and as a result this alleged competence impels the need for additional funding and positions, as well as resources and promotions leading to a massive expansion of the law enforcement-judicial complex. The presumption of innocence becomes insignificant, because the main goal would be to obtain convictions leading to political accolades. According to Seifer, the prosecutors, judges, FBI officials, and even a U.S. attorney general involved in Rosati's case became willingful dupes and co-conspirators to make their case.

In addition, Seifer's book delves deeply into the world of co-optation and conspiration between drug dealers who will say anything to reduce their jail sentences and cops who will do anything to get a conviction. Seifer also addresses that perjured testimony was ignored by a governor and a board of state Supreme Court justices, and the word of a known lying drug dealer is believed over iron-clad documents and the testimony of a half-dozen law-abiding citizens.

Seifer has written a thorough investigative volume that covers the actual 1,500-page police log, including the audio transcripts of witness depositions and author interviews of law enforcement participants and subjects in the case. The author attempts to elucidate that this story is not only about mistaken identity or lost truth, but it is about a justice system that has gone awry.

The author has collected and shared a tremendous amount of information regarding this case. He has thoroughly and eloquently documented every moment, every aspect, every note, and every judgment with a fluent writing style and illustrations to make his book an impeccable record and an untainted research about a legal case that went askew.

The book is intriguing, captivating, and entertaining; it will keep the reader flabbergasted and yearning for more.

If you are interested in forensics, this book makes an excellent case study, as well as an edifying read about the intricacies and the obscurities of the legal and judicial processes. Mr. Rhode Island will also leave the reader wondering whether our legal system is about truth, or about revenge and politics.
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