Mini-skirt March in Johannesburg.
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Pub Date: 06/01/2008
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Full Text: Women of Johannesburg took to the streets jumping up and down, exposing their thighs, touching their breasts, and exclaiming "It's a free country...and this is private property." This Mini-skirt March was held in response to an attack on four women who were stripped naked and assaulted at Noord Taxi Rank in Johannesburg. They were allegedly victimised for wearing mini skirts that the perpetrators believed were inappropriate.


Nwabisa Ngcukana, 25, was forced to parade naked through the Noord Taxi Rank after a mob of taxi drivers stripped her, tearing her skirt and panties. "I have never been so traumatised in my life," Ngcukana said. "As they stripped me they kept shouting that this is what I wanted. Some were sticking their finger in my vagina while others poured alcohol over my head and called me all sorts of names."

In the wake of the attacks and the protests, the Gauteng government is working on a programme to improve the safety of women at taxi ranks across the province. The safety programme will include educating the public about the taxi industry, the principles of Ubuntu, freedom of choice, respect for the dignity of women, and tolerance. "These messages will be carried through using stickers and CDs that will be availed to taxis while bringing the media on board to communicate the activities of this partnership," said the Community Safety MEC, Firoz Cachalia.

Source: Bua News
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