The Middle Passage of Black Male/Female Relation Ships.
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Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Full Text: Paradise (, was born in Oakland, California, graduated from Berkeley High School, majored in English/Creative Writing at Xavier University in New Orleans, played professional Basketball in Argentina for Club Almirante Brown. President of the International Black Writers & Artists, Inc. Local #5, in Oakland, started the present Bay Area Black Poetry Movement with Afrometropolitan Poetry Series 1995; produced Best in The West Grand Slam Poetry Contest raising over $11,000 in cash and prizes for poets between 1998 and 2001; produced world's first Poetry & Poetry Film Festival at the Parkway Theater in Oakland in 2001 (12th in nation); a member of the Berkeley Slam Team that finished 12th in the nation in Seattle, 2001. Facilitated Slam/Poetry workshops (September 2003) at Famous Poets Society Convention in Orlando, FL and Reno, Nevada (2004, 2005).

Read "Entering Oakland" poem on Ed Bradley's "Street Stories"; performed signature poem, "I Love Everything About You, But You! On B.E.T.; conceived "Street Spirit", the poetry magazine that benefits the homeless; performed one man show, "Shock the World: Malcolm Martin Muhammad Ali at AfroSolo in San Francisco and Cinnibar Hip Hop Theater Festival in Petaluma, California.

A poet of a thousand poems and dozens of books, he recently produced his fifth CD, The Oakland Is A Holy City Project featuring the Oakland All Stars, after "JazzFunkHipHoPoetry", "Beloved", "The Art of Living Black" and "I Love Everything About You, But You". He played one of the lead roles in "Mack: A Gangsta Tale", an urban abdaptation of Shakespeare's "Macbeth". He currently hosts poetry series The World's Fair Poetry Series: The Sound and the Fury, at Shashamane's Restaurant in Oakland, every 1st and 3rd Sunday, 6pm! He was recently honored by Mayor Ron Dellums and the city of Oakland which declared October 6 to be "Paradise Day"! he will host a Western Caribbean Poetry Cruise, May 29 to June 5th, 2011, and a Cultural World's Fair in Oakland in the summer of 2012 ( Some of his recordings may be purchased at including, JazzFunkHipHoPoetry, called by Bod Davis of Soul Patrol Radio, "The most important release of the year!"
The Middle Passage of Black Male/Female Relation Ships

   This is the Middle Passage all over again
   The Middle Passage of Black Relation Ships
   The Middle Passage of Black Male/Female Relation Ships
   We are in a MAAFA!
   A disaster/crisis situation in our Relation Ships
   And many of us are jumping ship
   As Black Relation Ships sink like the Titanic
   Many of us are in a State of desperation and panic!
   And many are crossing over and jumping ship
   Into shark infested waters!

   Since the 70s
   When Eugenics Agents disguised as Social Workers
   Offered us Welfare in exchange for Black (Family) Unity
   And since the 80s
   When Agents of Genocide disguised as Miracle Workers
   Offered us Crack Cocaine in exchange for Peace & Community
   We've been Willie Lynching each other
   And at war with one another since! A 40 Years War!
   We've been duped! Bamboozled! Hoodwinked!

   5 Million Brothers ... locked up behind some kind of bars!
   5 Million Sistars ... dressed to the nines, alone
   And dancing with each other in some kind of clubs and bars!
   Kinky Khemetic Afrikan Krowns taken down!
   Indo-Euoropeon hair weaves abound!
   With no Sheperds around
   The flock becomes Sheeple to wolves in sheepskin
   Who, upon the young and weak, pounce and pound!
   As we disrespect each other's Sovereignty
   As Pharoahnic God/dess King/Kweens!
   We've lost our minds and sold our own kind
   Again (!) Africans selling Africans for Bling & Shiney Things!

   But now, finally, after 40 years, we are coming out of a fog
   Coming out of a daze and stupor--a 40 year coma!
   Now we are 40 Million running back into each other's arms
   Coming home! Releasing ourselves from the UFOs
   We are recognizing and identifying
   The Unidentified Flying Objects invading our minds!
   Recognizing and identifying
   The need for African Unity and Black Love to withstand
   The Close Encounters of the Prejudice Kind!
   We are offboarding the spaceships of Aliens!
   We are coming home to ourselves
   With wobbly African Knees unused for some time!!

   This is the 2nd Emancipation Proclamation
   The Liberation of our minds from Aliens & Alienation
   From the disintegration of dat Integration
   This is the Liberation of our Planet from the Alien Nation
   And their obsession with oppression and possession
   Of our bodies and souls and land and gold
   And King Dumb's Kingdumbs and domination
   And civil-lies and Civil-lies-ation!

   It's 2010 and we are no longer falling for
   The Immaculate Deception!!!
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