A Message from the Haitians Who Lost Their Lives.
Article Type: Poem
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Issue: Date: Nov, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 1
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A Message from the Haitians Who Lost Their Lives

   Do not cry for the dead
   Cry for the living
   Cry for those we left behind
   We are free from the misery
   Of our beloved Island Nation
   Which outsiders have preoccupied
   Turning our Paradise into a prison

   Do not cry for the dead
   Cry for those who are still suffering
   Before we came into the world
   With our AnceStars we made a pact
   Our appearance on the World Stage
   Now recorded on history's page
   Was a love act

   Before we entered the world
   We signed a Spiritual Contract
   That if we had to die
   We would die in a way
   That would not only help us pay off karmic debt
   But would have the greatest impact
   And around the world
   The cries of our people
   Haitians and Africans would be heard
   In a way that would not let you turn back

   We made a pact similar to those
   Who would play their parts after Katrina
   Where the lives of the poor
   And the downtrodden
   And forgotten were exposed
   See how powerful group prayer is!?
   If just 100 had died
   Who would've paid attention?
   If just 1000 had died
   How often would we be mentioned?
   But 100,000 is catastrophic
   And they say there could be half a million!

   See how powerful group prayer is?
   But dont cry for the dead
   Cry for those who are buried alive
   Cry for those who are still hurting
   Cry for those who have lost everything
   Cry for the babies who lost their mothers
   Cry for the children who have nothing
   Cry for an Island Nation of people who
   Cry for a living. Who
   Cry for a lifetime. Who
   Cry for health care. Who
   Cry for peace. Who
   Cry for justice. Who
   Cry for freedom. Who
   Cry for love. Who
   Cry for shelter. Who
   Cry for food & water. Who
   Cry for hope!

   And now that you see Haiti devastated
   Now that you see Haiti in a shambles
   Think not that our lives were much better before
   Please take a good look at our lives forevermore
   We have lived this way for two centuries
   The Ghetto Country and scorned neighbor
   Of the Richest Country in the world of plenty
   On punishment for 200 years
   It's been us against the whole White World
   We've been their backyard whipping boy
   For killing a white man
   For freeing ourselves from the European
   Slave Masters who see our independence
   As their worst nightmare and disaster
   As you watch them play Good Guys
   In their movies and on TV
   They're being real Bad Guys
   To Africans and the citizens of Haiti

   Take a good look at us
   And the drastic measures we took
   To get your attention
   Thousands at a time martyred themselves
   Deciding before we were born
   To give our lives for Haiti's Redemption
   Please let our sacrifices not be in vain
   Study our history
   Adopt us as your pet Island Country
   Check up on us daily
   Make sure that we grow and flourish
   And live prosperously
   And we will embrace you
   And treat you like family
   And be a blessing to you
   And the whole world too
   You know how Island people do

   Connect with us by groups
   Or individually or both
   By way of internet or telephone
   Email or Snail Mail
   Commit to us by oath
   And to every country or people
   From or in The Motherland!
   Visit us and give us
   Some of your time and energy
   Even moreso than your donations and money
   Take a good look at us
   And then never take your eyes off us again
   Or leave us alone
   Unprotected from the The Big Bully
   And the Super Power Drones!
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