The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy.
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Medicine (Service introduction)
Author: Hammer, Elizabeth
Pub Date: 12/22/2006
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Full Text: The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy 18th Edition Edited by Mark H. Beers, MD et al

Merck & Co Inc Whitehouse Station NJ 2006

2991 pages hard cover ISBN 0911910-18-2

The aim of the Merck Manual according to its editors is to provide the clinician with a thorough and up to date reference on diagnosis and therapy while maintaining a quick reference style format.

In doing this some changes have been made from previous editions, including a more comprehensive index, quick reference tabs for disease groups and clearer sub-headings describing pathophysiology, etiology, symptoms and signs, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention. Also included in each section are summaries of key points and useful information tables on clinical features of disease, common drug treatments and side effects and differential diagnosis to mention just a few.

Once one gets past the initial fear of a 3000 page reference and begins to navigate around the text using the contents page, index and reference tabs, you soon become aware of the usefulness of this book. Despite its volume the size of the pages makes it a practical desk top reference which negates the need for most other clinical science texts.

Take a minute to read the guide for readers and maybe an hour to explore the book to develop a true appreciation of its contents.

Unlike most texts of clinical diagnosis, the Merck Manual is disorder focussed rather than symptom orientated, but the index offsets this by directing you to the appropriate disorder section.


However a reasonable underpinning knowledge of differential diagnosis is certainly an advantage in its use.

Highly recommended to support practitioners in clinical diagnosis and to provide accurate up to date information on current allopathic treatments. The text is also well supported by a companion website with free access to provide continued updates between publications.

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