Meditation on coming home.
Subject: Meditation (Health aspects)
Author: Eliot, Eve
Pub Date: 09/22/2011
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The longed-for arrival home, like a big sigh of relief, the moment we leap over other moments to get to. Wailing in line, impatient with slow-moving clerks, inching through rush hour traffic, we yearn for home.

We step in the door, place the keys on the table or on their hook, pull off shoes and wriggle out of tight clothes. Perhaps the whole day has been like a giant arrow pointing toward this moment. Now that we have reached our destination, has the heart come along? Is the heart home too?

Does it take very long to begin wishing we had a different house or apartment, a different relationship, a different bank balance, a different body, a different toaster oven? When we're finally home ... are we truly home if the head is still full of longing? What is home?

Home is touching down into the present, coming in for a landing. Leaning into the future, we aren't home yet. Leaning, we are at a tilt. We can fling our bodies onto the sofa, but wishing the moment were different, the head has no place to lie down.

Home IS where the heart is. Be home. Invite your heart in. Be at home with your body. Be at home in your body. May your heart bask in its refuge ... al home in you. Sigh with relief that you are home. Rest.


EVE ELIOT is a psychotherapist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and contributor to Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health. Her unique use of metaphor to teach mindfulness makes it easier for students to access the stillness available through meditation. Eliot is the author of the meditation CDs Meditations for Every Occasion: Operating Manual for Consciousness; Marrying the Moment: Meditations for Softening Hardship; First Aid: Meditations for Troubled Times; Tooth Fairy Speaks: A Dentist Appointment You Can Love; Contentment Meditations, and Holding Still to Free the Butterfly: Meditations for Squirmy Kids, and of the books Attention Shoppers: The Woman's Guide to Enlightenment Through Shopping; Insatiable: The Compelling Story of Four Teens, Food and Its Power; and Ravenous: The Stirring Tale of Teen Love, Loss and Courage. The meditations are available from iTunes and other sites as downloads and from as CDs. Her Web site is
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