Medicine Regulations amended before review of Medicines Act.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Pharmaceutical laws (Interpretation and construction)
Pub Date: 08/01/2011
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Issue: Date: August, 2011 Source Volume: 17 Source Issue: 7
Topic: Event Code: 970 Government domestic functions
Geographic: Geographic Scope: New Zealand Geographic Name: New Zealand Geographic Code: 8NEWZ New Zealand
Legal: Statute: New Zealand. Medicines Act 1981
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Full Text: The Medicines Regulations 1984 and the Medicines (Standing Order) Regulations 2002 have been amended to better align the law with modem health care. The amendments mainly concern advertising, labelling and dispensing The amendments have preceded the review of the Medicines Act which NZNO expects will align the prescribing rights of all health professionals and provide definitions of authorised and designated prescribers. The standing order amendments require a standing order to specify whether countersigning of a charted treatment is required and, if so, the requirements for countersigning. If countersigning is not required, or is required less frequently than once each month, the issuer must carry out a monthly audit of a sample of charted treatments.

A new schedule of medicines is included, along with an updated list of registration authorities.
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