Mechanical loading enhances the anabolic effects of intermifitent parathyroid hormone (1-34) on trabecular and cortical bone in mice/Mekanik yuklenme aralikli paratiroid hormonun anabolik etkisini artirir.
Abstract: Female C57BLJ6 mice from 13 to 19 weeks of age were given daily PTH (1-34) (20, 40 or 80 [micro]g/kg/day). For three alternate days per week during the last two weeks of this treatment, the tibiae and ulnae on one side were subjected to a single period of dynamic axial loading (40 cycles at 10 Hz, 10-second, between each cycle). Two levels of peak load were used; one sufficient to engender an osteogenic response, and the other insufficient to do so. In the tibia, loading at a level sufficient by itself to stimulate osteogenesis produced an osteogenic response in the low-dose iPTH (1-34)-treated trabecular bone and in the proximal and middle cortical bone treated with all doses of iPTH (1-34). In the ulna, loading at a level that did not stimulate osteogenesis was osteogenic at the distal site with 80 [micro]g/kg/day iPTH. At both levels of loading, there were synergistic effects in cortical bone volume of the proximal tibia and distal ulna between loading and high-dose iPTH from increases in endosteal and periosteal bone formation. No woven bone was induced by iPTH (1-34), whereas the combination of iPTH (1-34) and the "sufficient" level of loading stimulated woven bone formation on endosteal and periosteal surfaces of the proximal cortex in the tibiae.
Article Type: Author abstract
Subject: Parathyroid hormone (Physiological aspects)
Parathyroid hormone (Research)
Parathyroid hormone (Dosage and administration)
Osteoporosis (Development and progression)
Bones (Growth)
Bones (Research)
Authors: Sugiyama, T.
Saxon, L.K.
Zaman, G.
Moustafa, A.
Sunters, A.
Price, J.S.
Lanyon, L.E.
Pub Date: 08/01/2008
Publication: Name: From the Osteoporosis World Publisher: Galenos Yayincilik Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 Galenos Yayincilik ISSN: 1300-9141
Issue: Date: August, 2008
Topic: Event Code: 310 Science & research
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Sugiyama T, Saxon LK, Zaman G, Moustafa A, Sunters A, Price JS, Lanyon LE

Bone 2008,43:238-48
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