Mainstream medicine unlikely to change.
Subject: Alternative medicine (Practice)
Alternative medicine (Forecasts and trends)
Author: Maxwell, Curt
Pub Date: 08/01/2012
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Full Text: As a long-time subscriber to the Townsend Letter, I have noticed a continuing and puzzling theme since 1983: the idea that somehow mainstream medicine will suddenly "wake up," accept, and embrace alternative medicine.

The June edition is no exception. In the Letter from the Publisher, Dr. Collin seems surprised and even apologizes "that there was nary a vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, amino acid, herb, homeopathic or food supplement that was given any approval by the faculty" at a conference at the University of Washington updating the use of pharmaceuticals in contemporary medical practice. Why would anyone expect anything other than talk about pharmaceuticals at a pharmaceutical conference?

Likewise, in the final article, Dr. Gaby wrote about the New England Journal of Medicine doing another "hit job" on alternative medicine. What? Why would anybody ever imagine anything else? That's like imagining that the mainstream media would suddenly be "fair and balanced" instead of leaning way to the left. Never happen!

In the last paragraph, Dr. Gaby states, "The fact that the Journal allows inappropriate diatribes against alternative medicine, but not against conventional medicine, reveals its bias." No kidding!

I guess Dr. Marcia Angell's 2004 book The Truth About The Drug Companies was somehow overlooked. As a former editor-in-chief at the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Angell saw exactly what was going on. I suppose that there are still people who don't realize that the US is probably the most legally corrupt country on the planet!

In the preface to her book, Dr. Angell states, "And I describe how the pharmaceutical industry uses its immense wealth and power to co-opt nearly every institution that might stand in its way--including the U.S. Congress, the Food and Drug administration (FDA), and the medical profession itself."

Isn't that the truth? Don't imagine it's likely to change anytime soon.

Finally, allow me to use one of my own quotes: "Except for emergency and crisis medicine, people have been educated, indoctrinated and brainwashed into a mostly bogus medical system. Big Pharma controls medicine and it's all about money. There's no money in cure so cures are suppressed. Drugs and expensive surgical procedures take priority and 'Health Care' masquerades as 'symptom suppression' and 'disease management."

Dr. Curt Maxwell
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