Locations featured in this magazine issue: the Agricultural Research Service has about 100 labs all over the country.
Author: Patterson, Tom
Pub Date: 03/01/2011
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Issue: Date: March, 2011 Source Volume: 59 Source Issue: 3
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The Vegetable and Forage Crop Research Unit,

Prosser, Washington

1 research unit * 34 employees

Pullman, Washington

6 research units * 144 employees

Columbia Plateau Conservation Research

Center, Pendleton, Oregon

1 research unit * 23 employees

U.S. Agricultural Research Station,

Salinas, California

1 research unit * 54 employees

Tucson, Arizona

2 research units * 52 employees

Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research

Laboratory, Miles City, Montana

1 research unit * 27 employees

Rangeland Resources Research Unit,

Cheyenne, Wyoming (including

Nunn, Colorado)

1 research unit * 30 employees

Fort Collins, Colorado

5 research units * 143 employees

Madison, Wisconsin

5 research units * 140 employees

Southern Plains Range Research Station,

Woodward, Oklahoma

1 research unit * 17 employees

USDA Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research

Center on Aging, Boston, Massachusetts

1 research unit * 14 employees

Appalachian Fruit Research Station,

Kearneysville, West Virginia

1 research unit * 71 employees

Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural

Research Center, Beltsville, Maryland

30 research units * 953 employees

J. Phil Campbell Sr. Natural Resource

Conservation Center, Watkinsville, Georgia

1 research unit * 24 employees

Center for Medical, Agricultural, and

Veterinary Entomology, Gainesville, Florida

4 research units * 144 employees

U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory,

Fort Pierce, Florida

3 research units * 133 employees

Continental U.S. map courtesy of Tom Patterson, U.S. National Park Service
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