Lisa Harley, recipient of the CANNT 2011 journal award.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Medical publishing (Achievements and awards)
Author: Harley, Lisa
Pub Date: 01/01/2012
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Full Text: I am currently a staff nurse in the Home Peritoneal Dialysis Unit of Toronto General Hospital. While working as a student on the inpatient nephrology unit, I completed my BScN at the University of Toronto in 1991. In 1996, I precepted an undergraduate student who challenged me to write the CNeph(C) exam.


Staff of the Home Peritoneal Dialysis Unit is involved in the training and follow-up of a diverse patient population and we often need to tailor our program to meet patients' unique needs. "Thinking outside the Box" is the story of a young woman with special needs and what I call the "village" of people who worked to get her home and continue to follow her at home on peritoneal dialysis. I would like to dedicate this award to champions of special needs and diversity everywhere.

On behalf of the multidisciplinary team of the University Health Network, "Holly's" visiting nurses, "Holly" and her family, I am honoured to accept the CANNT Journal award. Special thanks again to Editor Gillian Brunier and Nephrology Nurse Practitioners Betty Kelman and Diane Watson for support, patience and encouragement on this, my first journal article.

Editor's note: Lisa published her article "Thinking outside the box: An extraordinary woman on home peritoneal dialysis" in the April/June 2011 issue of the CANNT Journal.

By Lisa Harley, RN, BScN, CNeph(C), Home Peritoneal Dialysis Nurse, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON
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