K.M. Nabiul Islam. Impacts of Flood in Urban Bangladesh: Micro and Macro Analysis.
Article Type: Book review
Subject: Books (Book reviews)
Author: Jalil, Hafiz Hanzla
Pub Date: 06/22/2009
Publication: Name: Pakistan Development Review Publisher: Pakistan Institute of Development Economics Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Business, international; Social sciences Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2009 Reproduced with permission of the Publications Division, Pakistan Institute of Development Economies, Islamabad, Pakistan. ISSN: 0030-9729
Issue: Date: Summer, 2009 Source Volume: 48 Source Issue: 2
Topic: NamedWork: Impacts of Flood in Urban Bangladesh: Micro and Macro Analysis (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Nabiul Islam, K. M.
Accession Number: 242017210
Full Text: K. M. Nabiul Islam. Impacts of Flood in Urban Bangladesh: Micro and Macro Analysis. A H Development Publishing House and Community Development Library, 2006.224 pages. Paperback. Rs 495.00.

This book deals comprehensively with typical losses from frequent floods in Bangladesh, both at micro and macro levels. The book aims at showing the nonagricultural impact of frequent floods in Bangladesh. The author has thoroughly discussed the occurrence of the different forms of floods and the impact that these had generated in urban areas.

The book examines the impact of different types of floods on the residential and commercial sectors of Bangladesh. The impact has also been examined for different socioeconomic groups. The book is of special use to the water and regional authorities responsible for assessing the impact of floods at the micro and macro levels. The knowledge of the possible damages from floods will contribute towards rational allocation of resources in the flood-prone economy of Bangladesh. Moreover the information on flood hazards, available in the book, can be used for mitigating the damages typically caused by floods. The knowledge of the vulnerability of the various sectors and properties may eventually contribute to targeting of investment towards flood protection and suitably modifying land use regulations. The book is expected to contribute towards mitigating the effects of floods through proactive management.
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