Junior doctors: burnout and skills retention.
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Subject: Physicians (Management)
Physicians (Services)
Burn out (Psychology) (Analysis)
Pub Date: 02/01/2011
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Issue: Date: Feb, 2011 Source Volume: 101 Source Issue: 2
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Full Text: Burnout is defined as the syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and reduced personal accomplishments. Stodel and Stewart-Smith (5) evaluated the degree of burnout among junior doctors at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital and its influence on skills retention in the hospital. They note that there has been an increase in the migration of medical doctors worldwide, with an exodus of doctors from South Africa. Along with the effects of HIV/AIDS, this places extra strain on those who remain.

The authors found a significantly high degree of emotional exhaustion and depersonalisation experienced by the junior doctors. Burnout resulting from high levels of stress at work can contribute to the exodus of health care workers. Recruitment, improved management and planning, increased support, mentorship and a more empathetic administration were some of the factors suggested to mitigate the burnout experienced by the junior doctors.
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