Improved agreement for PSC workers.
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Author: Williams, Louana
Pub Date: 10/01/2010
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Full Text: Members working for Presbyterian Support Central (PSC) were voting on a proposed settlement which will deliver a 1.73 percent pay increase and a range of other improvements, as Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand went to press.

Key aspects of the proposed settlement include an optional career pathway for existing union members and use of learning representatives elected by workers to help them get the training they need. The learning representatives project is run by the Council of Trade Unions. PSC has committed to ensure adequate delivery of resourcing for the training.

The deal also includes a patient/elder safety clause. This means additional sick leave when union members are unable to work due to sickness caused by a notifiable disease contracted at the workplace. Other improvements are accumulation of sick leave increased to 50 days; an increase in the weekend allowance from 30 cents to 83c an hour; and the nine-step pay scale has been reduced to five steps from July 1, 2010. PSC will absorb all the costs associated with the shorter pay scale. Overtime has been re-introduced. Where any five days have been worked in any one week, overtime will be paid for all time worked on the sixth and seventh day of the week. The title of caregiver has changed to health care assistant.

Union rights have been improved. The employer has agreed to make resources such as meeting rooms and copying facilities available, and to introduce new employees to a union delegate at a mutually convenient time.

If ratified, the agreement will be for a year from July 1, 2010. The combined NZNO/Service and Food Workers' Union membership density across all 15 PSC sites is up to 80 percent.

I would like to acknowledge the skilled advocacy of SFWU advocate Sam Jones and the leadership of the delegates on the negotiating team They shared real stories from their workplaces to add value to our claims.

Report by organiser Louana Williams
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