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Subject: Seasonal affective disorder (Risk factors)
Seasonal affective disorder (Research)
Pub Date: 03/22/2009
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Beat the Winter Blues with a feline friend. January and February are traditionally the dreariest winter months, and standard complaints from the "Winter Blues" following the New Year include headaches, colds, sleep problems, depression and mood swings, poor mental clarity, and general difficulties relaxing. An extensive study conducted by Dr. June McNicholas, psychologist, outlines the health benefits for cat owners.

According to McNicholas's research, cat owners were significantly more relaxed and generally happier than non-cat owners during these months. Additionally, the 5-year research project found that cat owners suffered 60% less headaches and were 21% less likely to catch a cold or flu, perhaps due to boosted immune systems. Though all cat owners in the study benefited from these effects, male owners under 40 seemed to receive the greatest boosts from their furry companions.

Since cats spend more time indoors during the winter months, owners get more contact with them. These more frequent interactions can be a great source of comfort in the midst of the gloom, just as significant human support has been proven to offer health benefits. Dr. McNicholas explains, "Medical opinion has long held that in times of stress or anxiety one of the most valuable assets is a supportive relationship. This study suggests that cats are just as able to provide that support as humans."

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