Handbook for creating accessible games in physical education.
Article Type: Book review
Subject: Books (Book reviews)
Pub Date: 08/01/2011
Publication: Name: Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 American Foundation for the Blind ISSN: 0145-482X
Issue: Date: August, 2011 Source Volume: 105 Source Issue: 8
Topic: NamedWork: Games for People With Sensory Impairments: Strategies for Including Individuals of all Ages (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Lieberman, Lauren; Cowart, James
Accession Number: 265870254
Full Text: GAMES for People With Sensory. Impairments: Strategies for Including Individuals of all Ages, published in July 2011 by the American Printing House for the Blind, is intended to initiate exploration into adapted physical education, and stimulates the reader's creativity and resourcefulness. Authors Lauren Lieberman and James Cowart draw on their extensive experience in teaching physical education to students of all ages who have visual impairments, blindness, deaf-blindness, and multiple disabilities. The book's Game Finder is designed to help teachers locate games and activities that are appropriate for their students, allowing them to choose by category, sport skill, physical and motor fitness level, and fundamental motor patterns and skills. The games and activities included in the book are creative innovations submitted by 15 teachers, coaches, and leaders who work in schools or programs for students (from birth to age 26) who have sensory impairments. The large print edition is printed on heavier paper stock to accommodate frequent handling and is bound in a 3-ring binder to allow game pages to be removed for easy use in the gym, on the field, or at poolside. Both the large print and braille versions are sold with an accompanying CD-ROM with an HTML file. The cost for either edition is $59. For more information, contact: American Printing House for the Blind, 1839 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206; phone: 800-223-1839; e-mail: ; web site: .
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