Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology.
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Authors: Gilbert-Barnes, Enid
Debich-Spicer, Diane E.
Pub Date: 12/22/2006
Publication: Name: The Forensic Examiner Publisher: American College of Forensic Examiners Audience: Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Law; Science and technology Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2006 American College of Forensic Examiners ISSN: 1084-5569
Issue: Date: Winter, 2006 Source Volume: 15 Source Issue: 4
Topic: NamedWork: Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology (Book)
Persons: Reviewee: Gilbert-Barness, Enid; Debich-Spicer, Diane E.
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Full Text: Pathologists have long recognized that the pediatric autopsy requires great care in technique and dissection to ensure that easily overlooked malformations are recognized and accurate diagnoses are made. Working in the tradition of the master pediatric pathologists, the highly experienced practitioners Enid Gilbert-Barness, MD, and Diane E. Debich-Spicer have created in the Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology, a comprehensive reference guide to the successful performance of pediatric autopsies and the optimal recognition and interpretation of their pathologic findings. The authors cover major developmental disorders such as hydrops, chromosomal defects, congenial abnormalities, and metabolic disorders. The reviews of the organ systems encompass the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastronomical, renal, central nervous, skeletal systems, male and female genitourinary systems, the eye and adnexa, and the thymus,' spleen, lymph nodes, and immunodeficiency. Additional chapters address sudden infant death, cytogenetics, the medical and forensic autopsy, special procedures, cultures and infection control, and biological hazards at the autopsy. Numerous standard reference tables, copious illustrations and drawings, and an appendix at the end of each chapter provide a wealth of practical information and biological citations. A value-added compact disk provides color versions of over 400 selected illustrations found in the book.

Cutting-edge and detailed, the Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology offers the prosector unequaled guidance to performing a pediatric autopsy, making an accurate diagnosis, and--where malformations are involved--explaining the implications of possible recurrences in future pregnancies.

The keypoints covered in the handbook include expert guidance to performing a pediatric autopsy and making accurate diagnoses; cutting-edge methods that demonstrate great care in technique and dissection; emphasis on correct recognition and interpretation of pathologic findings; coverage of cytogenetics, cultures, and infection control; and the metabolic autopsy.

Enid Gilbert-Barness, AO, MBBS, MD, FRCPA, FRCPath, DSCI(hc), MD(hc), is a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine in the pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology department of University of South Florida School of Medicine and practices at Tampa General Hospital. She is a Life Fellow of The American College of Forensic Examiners and has been a member since 1995.

By Enid Gilbert-Barnes, MD, and Diane E. Debich-Spicer, BS
Gale Copyright: Copyright 2006 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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