Gypsy Tears: Loving a Holocaust Survivor.
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Pub Date: 06/22/2009
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Issue: Date: Summer, 2009 Source Volume: 12 Source Issue: 2
Topic: NamedWork: Gypsy Tears: Loving a Holocaust Survivor (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Schwartz, Cora
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Full Text: Gypsy Tears: Loving a Holocaust Survivor

By Cora Schwartz


Gypsy Tears: Loving a Holocaust Survivor is a beautiful, bittersweet love story, but it is also so much more. As Ms. Schwartz carries us along in a grand sweep through Yugoslavia, Russia, and Romania in the 1960s, the depth of her relationship with Rudy becomes both a tragic work of art and a peek into the soul of a holocaust victim. Schwartz has captured the strain of living with a survivor while trying to grasp the unfathomable. She presents the many issues seen in our efforts to help survivors, victims, and co-dependent women. The book is presented to the members of the American Psychotherapy Association as an invitation into the mind of the quintessential victim, the holocaust survivor. On another level, the reader is faced with the dilemma of distinguishing between a destructive, co-dependent relationship and one of genuine caring and respect. Through Gypsy Tears, Schwartz shows just how insurmountable healing the human psyche can be.

Author Biography

Author and mental health counselor Cora Schwartz learned to take care of people at a very young age. Ms. Schwartz worked toward a Master's Degree in Psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York while single-handedly taking care of her two small children and working a full-time job. It was at that time that she met Rudy, a Holocaust survivor from Chernovtsy--then Romania. Rudy needed her to take care of him too, but in exchange he set her on the journey of her life.

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