Going to the Village.
Article Type: Poem
Author: Scott, L.E.
Pub Date: 12/01/2010
Publication: Name: Journal of Pan African Studies Publisher: Journal of Pan African Studies Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Social sciences Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Journal of Pan African Studies ISSN: 0888-6601
Issue: Date: Dec, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 2
Accession Number: 306754409
Full Text: --L. E. Scott

Aotearoa/New Zealand
Going to the Village

   My brother
   Nobody speaks of you
   You sleep now in earth dust
   A mound covering you
   With no earthly name
   You left the city
   To hide your death in the forest
   Even the witch-doctor
   Will not harvest your bones
   Village women wailing of your death
   From across the road
   Fearing what could escape from your death hole
   Songs of sorrow hide in fear
   Of your return from the city

   My brother
   Nobody speaks of you
   Your death has turned love upside down
   No animals will be sacrificed
   For your journey home
   Your father's door has been marked
   With signs of witchcraft
   There is talk of burning fire with fire
   Even in death
   Fear makes you unsafe

   The villagers are gathering stones
   Not to mark your grave
   It is not safe here for you
   They say your death
   Is as a thief at night
   Coming among them in their beds

   My brother
   Nobody bathed you in death
   They feared the wetness of you
   Those who gathered
   Came only to bury you
   Their silence like your death
   We have been shameful
   And even now
   We cannot speak your name

   My brother
   Forgive us for our fear and ignorance
   In time
   Your name will be spoken

   My brother
   On AIDS Day
   The world will hear your name
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