From the Executive Director: unintended consequences.
Subject: Nurses (Practice)
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Medical societies (Social aspects)
Author: Adkins, Sharon A.
Pub Date: 03/22/2009
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Full Text: My husband and I live in the woods and are blessed with the opportunity to watch Mother Nature at close range. The wild life is abundant and vegetation provides an ever-changing palate of color and texture as the seasons change. We love our woods, the birds, the wildlife, our dogs. But as often happens in our busy world, we sometimes stop paying attention and even the most beautiful setting becomes ordinary.


This weekend I stopped for a moment to breathe and really see what was in front of me. Something was different, missing, wrong ... as I looked around I realized that the birds were gone. The chickadees, doves, woodpeckers, cardinals, jays, wrens and thrushes, all the birds that provided music and movement were nowhere to be found ... and then I saw it, all our bird feeders were empty. You see, in an effort to economize in this difficult financial environment, my husband had stopped buying bird feed ... and with no food, the birds left. Something that we valued, counted on and took for granted was gone.

So it is with membership in your professional organization. Now is not the time to economize where your profession is concerned. Now is not the time to "down size" your commitment to supporting your profession and yourself. At a time when our health care system is on life support, when nurses are in short and diminishing supply, and when the need for the special skills and expertise of nurses is at an all time high, we must speak forth with a strong voice and large numbers. Nurses will be part of the solution for creative and meaningful change in the workplace, in education, in patient safety and in the expansion of services and quality care to all.

The Tennessee Nurses Association (TNA) has been and continues to be your full time advocate at the state legislature, at the policy table, at rule making hearings, and in professional and community arenas. TNA works to protect your nurse practice act, to prevent non-nurses from making nursing decisions that affect you, to advocate for safe and appropriate patient care, to expand and protect the scope of advanced practice nurses and seek funding and resources for nursing education. TNA is your professional insurance ... don't let it expire.

Oh, and yes, we did run right out to the co-op to buy a large bag of birdfeed ... and the birds are back. The expense was nothing compared to what we gained.

by Sharon A. Adkins, MSN, RN
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