From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases.
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Pub Date: 12/22/2011
Publication: Name: The Forensic Examiner Publisher: American College of Forensic Examiners Audience: Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Law; Science and technology Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 American College of Forensic Examiners ISSN: 1084-5569
Issue: Date: Winter, 2011 Source Volume: 20 Source Issue: 3
Topic: NamedWork: From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Wecht, Cyril H.; Kaufmann, Dawna
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Full Text: From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Examining the Mysteries Behind Famous Cases

By Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD and Dawna Kaufmann

315 pages; ISBN 978-1-61614-447-0; $27.00


In this engrossing, almost cinematic page-turner, famed forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht and veteran true-crime journalist Dawna Kaufmann team up to offer never-before-published information on the mysterious deaths of Michael Jackson and Caylee Anthony, plus six other ripped-from-the-headlines criminal cases. Based on their long investigative experience, these two insiders offer revealing insights into the following high-profile cases:

Michael Jackson--The authors provide never-disclosed data on the three autopsies of Jackson's body, and they deconstruct when and why the singer became addicted, including his truly bizarre medico-legal background.

Casey Anthony--The authors raise issues concerning the accuracy of air sampling, post-mortem hair banding, chloroform, duct tape identification, computer clues, deep family secrets, and more.

Drew Peterson--Heroic Illinois SWAT team cop or wife killer? This chapter brings all of the compelling facts to the fore, including the autopsy results of spouse-number-three Kathleen, her outreach to others while still alive, Drew's cell phone activity, and how a savvy police officer might have used his training to taint the investigation.

Rolling Stone Brian Jones--The investigators reconsider the case to determine whether the rock musician's death was really an accident or something more sinister.

In addition, Wecht and Kaufmann examine the rape-murder of twelve-year-old Gabrielle Bechen, whose brutal death changed her community; Col. Philip Shue, whose demise was a battle of suicide versus homicide until Wecht solved the case; and Carol Ann Gotbaum (How did this wealthy, beautiful young mother die in police custody?). From crime scene to morgue to courtroom, and finally the court of public opinion, this riveting narrative is a must for true-crime readers.
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