France strikes down court ruling on virginity.
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Virginity (Laws, regulations and rules)
Pub Date: 11/01/2009
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Full Text: A French court has ruled that virginity is not an "essential quality" for a valid marriage. This ruling invalidated a lower court decision to annul a French Muslim couple's union because the bride was not a virgin, as she had claimed. French civil law allows annulment if a spouse lies about matters such as nationality, a criminal record or previous divorce. The initial ruling could have led to wider recognition of virginity as a legal obligation for marriage if a family demanded it. Several hundred activists demonstrated in Paris and the Ministry of Justice filed the appeal to reverse the ruling. Islam is the second most important religion in France but France's constitution defines the country as a secular republic and religion as a private matter. It was predicted that the original decision would send young Muslim women "running to hospitals to have their hymens restored". However, the country must navigate new cultural sensitivities and constitutional boundaries.

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