Formation of the Emergency Nurses Society of South Africa (ENSSA).
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Author: Brysiewicz, P.
Pub Date: 07/01/2010
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Full Text: We are proud to announce the formation of the first emergency nurses' society in South Africa. The society was established during the 2nd EMSSA 'Emergency Medicine in the Developing World' Conference held on 24-26 November 2009 at the Cape Town International Conference Centre, an achievement made possible by the efforts of a number of dedicated emergency nurses throughout South Africa and considerable support from the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa (EMSSA).

ENSSA has been established as a separate organisation under the auspices of EMSSA, and it will strive to develop and promote emergency nursing in South Africa through leadership, education, collaboration and practice development and research.

ENSSA will accept as members any nurses (registered or enrolled with the South African Nursing Council) who are involved in emergency care. Nurses from outside South Africa are also welcome to join. Membership of ENSSA can be attained through joining EMSSA.

The current ENSSA Executive Committee consists of 6 people who will be responsible for the development of this society over the next two years. They are Petra Brysiewicz (Chair), Tanya Heyns (Vice-Chair), Jean Augustyn (Secretary), and Gayle Partridge, Celia Embleton and Jasmin Gassiep (co-opted member).

We welcome any suggestions to assist us in the development of this organisation, and look forward to your active membership in the months and years to come. Please access our website via the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa website at for additional details as well as information on how to join this exciting organisation!
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