FBI at the door.
Subject: Obstruction of justice (Cases)
Author: Graves, James
Pub Date: 03/22/2012
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Full Text: Were you present during the raid on my office, hiding behind the large oak tree and observing the activities of the more than 50 government agents? Your article was an exact image of what happened to me. (1)

My wife worked in my office from day one to the end. She saw the business we worked so hard to build demolished by the State of Florida in the person of an overzealous prosecutor and a politically motivated judge.

Patients never testified against us with one exception--a man whose 20-year conviction for trafficking in cocaine was all forgiven in exchange for his testimony against me. He wore a wire, came with a false history, false x-rays showing real pathology, and tried to get controlled substances prescribed for him. He had five visits before I gave him a single prescription for 30 Lortab 7.5/500 mg while waiting for him to have an MRI to evaluate his "back pain." He vanished, then showed up at trial to testify that he could get any drug he asked for every time he saw me. In fact, I evaluated him for hypertension and a cardiac arrhythmia that I discovered on initial physical examination with an office electrocardiogram and Holter monitor, and referred him to a cardiologist before evaluating his complaint of "back pain."

No employee would testify against me even when threatened with imprisonment, fines, and loss of income and reputation. To this day, I love them all for their faith fulness.

All my computers in the main office were seized and dismantled, ruining them and voiding any warranty by the manufacturer. Patient logs, appointment books, and medical records were seized. All incoming payments from insurance companies for services rendered were seized. No discrepancies were found in any insurance, employee compensation, or business or financial records. Even though I opted out of Medicare and Medicaid, I was falsely charged with Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

My life and the lives of my family were ruined by government action against us. To this day, my wife and daughter cannot speak of these horrible experiences.

I agree with the advice not to let your wife work in your office. Get expert legal advice at the first hint that you are becoming a target.

I still feel confident of seeing my case reversed and remanded in 2012. After serving my country on two aircraft carriers and during the first Gulf War, I stand unashamed of my record of practice and proud of the service to my country as a senior medical officer (commander) on deployed navy ships.

[Ed.: Dr. Graves has been in Florida state prison for 10 years, and his appeal has not yet been heard.]

(1) Orient JM. A doctors 'wives' survival guide, or what to do when the FBI knocks at the door. J Am Phys Surg 2011;16:81-84.

James Graves, M.D.

Lake Butler, Fla.
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