Extra funding for safe staffing and healthy workplaces welcomed.
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Pub Date: 08/01/2011
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Full Text: Health Minister Tony Ryall has approved an extra $800,000 over two years to help nurses better match the needs of their patients with the staff and resources available. "Matching patient demand with resources on the day is critical for providing a safe quality environment for patients and staff, and it also makes best use of the health dollar," Ryall said.

"Nurses and other health professionals also need to be able to respond effectively when there are expected or unexpected surges in demand, such as winter flu, a peak in birthing or a major car accident."

Six district health boards (DHBs) are already running a programme to better match staff and resources to patients--known as the care capacity demand management (CCDM) programme. Each programme is organised by the safe staffing healthy workplaces (SSHW) unit, which works with clinicians and other staff to remodel staffing and resources to achieve the best fit. The programme includes an electronic patient acuity tool which tells staff at any one rime how sick each patient is and how much nursing care that patient requires.

Right person, right time, right place

NZNO has welcomed the government's commitment to the CCDM programme. NZNO associate industrial manager Glenda Alexander said it ensured patients received the right care, by the right person, at the right time, in the right place. "As well as improving patient care, CCDM systems can make life much less stressful for staff by creating a safe and healthy work environment, with streamlined rostering and the right staff skill mix to match demand."

Director of the SSHW Unit, ,lane Lawless, said the new funding would be primarily invested in three areas: in staff to support the DHBs to implement the programme; in extending the resources to cover more disciplines; and to undertake further research to assess the effectiveness of the changes. "Our focus for the next 12 months will be to recruit three to five more DHBs into the programme and to extend and adapt the resources for mental health, emergency department and community settings. Tailored work streams for maternity services and for allied health are under discussion."

NZNO and other health unions are currently negotiating collective agreements with DHBs and CCDM systems were one of the major issues on the table.
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