ExpertWitness in the Legal System: A Scientist's Search for Justice.
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Pub Date: 03/22/2011
Publication: Name: The Forensic Examiner Publisher: American College of Forensic Examiners Audience: Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Law; Science and technology Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 American College of Forensic Examiners ISSN: 1084-5569
Issue: Date: Spring, 2011 Source Volume: 20 Source Issue: 1
Topic: NamedWork: ExpertWitness in the Legal System: A Scientist's Search for Justice (Nonfiction work)
Persons: Reviewee: Zedeck, Morris S.
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Full Text: ExpertWitness in the Legal System: A Scientist's Search for Justice

by Morris S. Zedeck, Ph.D., has been released by Lauriat Books

224 Pages; ISBN 978-1-4349-9921-4; Hardback; $24.00


Expert Witness in the Legal System: A Scientist's Search for Justice is not for the faint-hearted. If tidy wrap-ups and happy endings are your thing, stick to CSI and Law and Order, where a crime is solved in less than 60 minutes. Dr. Morris S. Zedeck, a pharmacologist who served as an expert witness in 191 trials, describes his experiences and observations of a justice system that is not always just.

Dr. Zedeck discusses incorrectly written cocaine statutes that lead to unfair jail sentences. He describes how powerful DNA evidence has led to the exoneration of 248 innocent people and discusses the causes of wrongful convictions. Dr. Zedeck points to unreasonable rules of discovery and provides examples of dishonesty of expert witness, prosecutors, police, attorneys, and judges and the cases affected by such behavior.

His recommendations for improving the justice system include a more transparent discovery process, better scientific training for judges, increased resources for the indigent, and studying forensic disciplines using the scientific method. Expert Witness in the Legal System: A Scientist's Search for Justice is comprehensive, readable and astonishing in the depth of its information and the scope of its issues. If you have time to read only one new book on American justice this year, this should be it.

Morris S. Zedeck received his PhD in pharmacology from the University of Michigan. He launched his research career in the Department of Pharmacology at Yale University School of Medicine before accepting appointments at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, where he studied the pharmacological and toxicological effects of various drugs and chemicals. Dr. Zedeck was adjunct associate professor for 12 years in the Department of Sciences at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has published scientific articles and is co-author of Forensic Pharmacology. As a consultant to attorneys and expert witness in the courts, Dr. Zedeck testified at 191 trials involving murder, rape, drunk driving, medical malpractice, personal injury, and product liability.
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