"Every member add a member": the 2008-2009 ADAA President's welcoming address to the Association.
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Author: Spadaro, Stephen E.
Pub Date: 11/01/2008
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Full Text: I am deeply honored and humbled to serve as president for such a dedicated group of professionals. It is a distinct honor to follow the footsteps of our past 84 presidents. Their dedication, leadership and commitment have truly made dental assisting a profession.

I want to congratulate our newly elected officers of the American Dental Assistants Association Board of Trustees. The entire Board has pledged their support and dedication to our organization and members.

The ADAA was founded in 1924 in the period immediately following WWI. Juliette Southard, our founder, put a lot of thought into the principles upon which our association would stand. During those days women were really making strides in the business and professional world. It took a great war to bring recognition of their talents outside the home. The ADAA was one of many fine organizations born in this period.

Juliette would be very proud of our organization today, proud of our association with our military members, proud of our Fellowship and Mastership programs, proud of our education programs, our Foundation, and proud of the 250,000 dental assistants nationwide who are in our profession today.

So how did a few dedicated ladies establish the American Dental Assistants Association? Their passion, drive, dedication and love for their chosen profession were the cornerstones on which our founding members built the foundation of the American Dental Assistants Association.

Their motto in the '20s was "Every Member Add a Member." Under the guidance and leadership of the American Dental Association and our founding members, our association was born.

Today I'm proud to report we are currently collaborating again with the ADA to strengthen our organization. In a recent letter to the 2008 House of Delegates Dr. Mark Feldman, president, American Dental Association, wrote: "In many areas, our interests are aligned. I can't express this more emphatically--the ADA wants the ADAA to thrive and we want dental assistants to thrive. You are indispensable members of the dental team and we treasure our relationship with you. Recently, the ADA Board of Trustees directed our Councils on Membership and Dental Practice to explore new ways that we can collaborate on issues of mutual concern."

We look forward to enhancing our relationship with the American Dental Association.

The ADAA was built one member at a time and now we can continue to build on that proud tradition by spreading the good word about our association. Each of you has the same passion as our founders and we must continue to spread the word and grow our association and be part of the 85-year history.

My goals this year are to increase membership by 1000, strengthen our relationship with the ADA and continue to make our association financially sound. I will continue to encourage and support the legislative initiatives by our state representatives.

Education has always been the keynote of our success. Our Education Department will continue to develop and implement new continuing education for our members. Our new and improved web page will allow our information and education material to be available worldwide.

I need your help with membership. I ask each of you to join me and take the challenge that was developed by our founder 85 years ago: Every Member Add a Member. Together we can reach the quarter of a million dental assistants nationwide and show them the benefits of joining the ADAA. I'm proud to be here today, proud to have you as my colleagues and extremely proud of the American Dental Assistants Association. Your Board of elected officials and central office staff will work hard for you on all association issues.

I promise you I will always protect and defend our association. I thank each and every one of you for what you do each and every day for our profession. May God bless you, the American Dental Assistants Association and may God continue to bless our brave American heroes fighting overseas.

Stephen E. Spadaro

ADAA President, 2008-2009
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