Article Type: Correction notice
Author: McComas, William F.
Pub Date: 05/01/2012
Publication: Name: The American Biology Teacher Publisher: National Association of Biology Teachers Audience: Academic; Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Biological sciences; Education Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2012 National Association of Biology Teachers ISSN: 0002-7685
Issue: Date: May, 2012 Source Volume: 74 Source Issue: 5
Accession Number: 288628486
Full Text: In my February 2012 article, "Darwin's Invention: Inheritance & the 'Mad Dream' of Pangenesis" (American Biology Teacher 74, 86-91), I inadvertently combined one of the Darwin quotes with commentary of mine. The quote should not have included the phrase "[O]rgans frequently used for a purpose are selected ... in successive generations." The actual statement from Darwin on page 371 of Variation of Plants and Animals Under Domestication (1868) reads:

How again, can we explain to ourselves the inherited effects of the use of disuse of particular organs? The domesticated duck flies less and walks more than the wild duck, and its limb-bones have become ... diminished and increased in comparison with those of the wild duck.

DOI: 10.1525/abt.2012.74.5.3

William F. McComas

Parks Family Professor of Science Education
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