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Full Text: It was very sad to hear that Tom had finally lost his battle with leukaemia. Tom had developed a very aggressive form of leukaemia (following a valley fever infection) that most people do not survive for long at all. However with his great positive attitude and the amazing support from Jude and all his friends and medical team, we were able to enjoy his company for a further 5 years.

Tom was a most generous and caring man both with friends and patients. As a GP, qualified herbalist, great musician and ultimately cancer sufferer (who produced an excellent CD during his long chemo treatment), he was able to offer plenty. This is an example:

Tom had a wonderful sense of humour which he never lost. His emails showed just how difficult it must have been, yet how strong he remained:

And in response to our invitation (and his acceptance) to speak at this coming conference he wrote:

Loved knowing you Tom!

Anne Cowper


Dr Tom Moss was a mentor in the Post Graduate course for the International College of Herbal Medicine. He often said how much he enjoyed the connection with students and the feedback from those students was that they appreciated their contact with him and gained much from the unit he prepared called 'Children and Herbal Medicine Practice'.

I was very sad to hear of his death on April 16th. I will miss him. He was a caring person and a very good doctor, herbalist and tutor.

Isla Burgess

We first met Tom at the 1998 NHAA International Conference with his wife Jude where they embraced the seminar and our community of herbalists. Tom was very generous with his sharing of knowledge and became good friends with many of us here. We also shared a love of the great American poet and musician Bob Dylan. In the years we knew Tom he was always positive, we never heard him speak negatively of anyone. Tom was a man of great talents and will be missed by all who knew him.

We were very sad to hear of his passing but know Tom fought, lived with, and accepted his condition with expert knowledge of the disease he faced; he continued to live his life till the end.

We will miss you Tom, but celebrate a life well lived one of nature's gentleman.

David McLeod and Zam Martin

From one of Tom's emails:

For Those Who Take Life Too Seriously

Just remember--if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.
Just got a letter from a patient's daughter. The patient had
   pancreatic cancer with metastasis and refused chemo and came to me
   for alternative treatments. I told her this was difficult to beat
   and tried to get her to get more chemo. We tried a lot of herbs,
   castor oil packs, lumbrokinase and other therapies. To her
   oncologist's surprise her tumor markers dropped dramatically. But
   they soon rose again and she died 2 weeks ago. Her daughter said
   she listened to my CD to relax and chose to listen to it as she
   died. It choked me up. It has been one of the most memorable and
   important circumstances to me. It made it all worth it.

Just of note: over the past 4 years I've had over 120 units of
   blood and platelets transfused with more units to come, 20 bone
   marrow biopsies, 3 within a month--my pelvic bone must look like
   Swiss cheese. I'm not trying to set the record but none of the
   nurses and doctors I have talked to so far have seen anyone get
   more than 13. Hey, I'll take the perverse glory. I've spent 11
   months as an in-patient in the hospital--the food and sleep
   comforts were great, nothing like the smell of Betadine to get the
   appetite going. In between all this when I'm not in hospital, oddly
   enough I've never felt better. And I'm a happier man. Maybe the
   happiest I've ever been.

I especially look forward to seeing all my Oz buddies!
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