Dr. Diana De Carvalho, DC, MSc, PhD candidate.
Subject: Medical research personnel (Achievements and awards)
Pub Date: 10/01/2010
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Persons: Named Person: Carvalho, Diana De
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The CCA is delighted to announce that Dr. Diana De Carvalho has been named a recipient of the 2010 CCA Young Investigator Award.

This award recognizes young researchers working in the field of chiropractic and is given for a paper submitted for this competition that has not yet been published, or for a recently published paper. The investigator has not had his/her degree longer than two years before submitting the work.

Dr. De Carvalho has made very significant contributions to the chiropractic community. Among her many achievements to date, she recently published the research paper set out below which has had very high impact in the scientific literature. As the "lead author" in this high quality paper, Dr. De Carvalho has established herself as a very capable young researcher and clearly in a position to collaborate effectively with world class researchers.

Diana De Carvalho, David Soave, Kim Ross, Jack Callaghan. Lumbar spine and pelvic posture between standing and sitting: a radiologic investigation including reliability and repeatability of the lumbar lordosis measure. J Manip Physiol Thera. 2010; V33(l):48-55.

Dr. Diana De Carvalho DC, MSc, one of our profession's young researchers, has won the CIHR Doctoral Research Award for her study entitled:

"Effectiveness of a lumbar support in maintaining the lumbar lordosis in sitting: A radiographic comparison of initial and long-term effects on lumbar spine and pelvic posture during simulated prolonged driving".

The award of $66,000 funds her PhD studies at the University of Waterloo. She is studying under the supervision of Dr. Jack P. Callaghan who currently holds the Canada Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics and Injury Prevention. Dr. De Carvalho's research goal is to examine the spine biomechanics and low back pain injury mechanisms associated with sitting. Specifically, she is interested in gender differences and spine posture responses to prolonged static conditions.

Congratulations to Dr. De Carvalho!
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