Determinants of bone turnover markers in healthy premenopausal women/Saglikli premenopozal kadinlarda kemik dongusu belirleyicileri.
Abstract: Serum C-telopeptide of type I collagen (CTX), osteocalcin (OC), and N-terminal propeptide of type I procollagen (P1 NP), serum calcium, creatinine, phosphate, magnesium, and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) were measured in 638 healthy peemenopausal women aged 20-50 years. In 83 women on the contraceptive pill (CP), the levels of the three BTMs were 14-26% lower (P<0.005) than in non-CP users. In 18 women considered perimenopausal for serum FSH levels >30 IU/mL despite having regular menses, BTM levels were higher than in age-matched women. This group of subjects and the women on the CP were excluded from further analysis. The three BTMs decreased with advancing age and were negatively and independently correlated with body mass index (P<0.001) and serum phosphate. An increase in BTM concentrations can be observed in perimenopausal women, iBTMs decrease with advancing age, and this appears to be associated with changes in body weight and serum phosphate.
Article Type: Author abstract
Subject: Osteoporosis (Demographic aspects)
Osteoporosis (Development and progression)
Authors: Adami, S.
Bianchi, G.
Brandi, M.L.
Giannini, S.
Ortolani, S.
Dimunno, O.
Frediani, B.
Rossini, M.
Pub Date: 08/01/2008
Publication: Name: From the Osteoporosis World Publisher: Galenos Yayincilik Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2008 Galenos Yayincilik ISSN: 1300-9141
Issue: Date: August, 2008
Accession Number: 195755865
Full Text: Adami S, Bianchi G, Brandi ML, Giannini S, Ortolani S, Dimunno O, Frediani B, Rossini M

Calcif Tissue Int 2008,82:341-7
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