Debate on constitution remit limited.
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Pub Date: 08/01/2011
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Issue: Date: August, 2011 Source Volume: 17 Source Issue: 7
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Full Text: A facilitator will manage a discussion on the proposed constitution before this month's NZNO annual general meeting (AGM) officially begins. The discussion will provide an opportunity for conference delegates to share their views and would also be a way of assisting member groups to vote on the remit. Working party member Bernadette Heaphy and chief executive Geoff Annals are working on the briefing for the facilitator of the constitution discussion.

If the remit at the AGM, which would enable the whole membership to vote on the proposed constitution, is not passed, there will be no further discussion on it. In this scenario, the incoming board will decide how to proceed. The issue would not be debated further at the AGM and no amendments to the remit would be accepted.

The board thanked and discharged the constitution working party.
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