Dating violence in men linked to troubled early years.
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Pub Date: 12/22/2008
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The study--conducted by Elizabeth Miller, an assistant professor of pediatrics at UC-Davis Children's Hospital, and Elizabeth Reed, a graduate student at Harvard at the time of the study--attempts to shed light on the lives of teenage boys who abuse their girlfriends. Although there are multiple studies on the consequences of dating violence for girls, Miller claims that this is the first study that focuses on understanding the fundamental social and environmental factors that promote male violence: information that is crucial to prevent it.

Miller stated that the solution is "to look beyond individuals to see how environments play a role ... and address the issue in a way that considers factors much larger than individual choices and behaviors." The study is from an urban sample of boys in programs for dating violence; therefore it does not represent all boys who perpetrate abuse toward their significant others. However, it might offer initial insights into the environmental factors of boys that may contribute to violence, such as problematic home environments, inadequate support at school, communities characterized by violence, or peer interactions that encourage the sexual mistreatment of girls.

Miller is also conducting a research study on dating violence prevention called Coaching Boys into Men, sponsored by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, which trains coaches to work with at-risk, high-school-aged athletes to stop violence towards girls.

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