The Cystem (it ain't broke, it's doing what it's supposed to do!).
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Issue: Date: Nov, 2010 Source Volume: 4 Source Issue: 1
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Full Text: In order to continue to change the must know how the system works. God's system is based on everything being in divine order, harmony and peace! But the present American and World Systems are based on MANAGED MAYHEM, CHAOS & DISORDER!

Kind of like in Ancient Rome where you had people up in the stands at the Coliseum eatin' popcorn and making bets off the Lions and the Christians who were killing and mauling each other in the Arena! Kinda like what we're doing to each other in these streets!

The Systen exploits EVERYBODY, but especially Poor People & People of Color, making it harder for you to make a living and easier for you to resort to criminal activity! And the system thrives off a certain amount of Criminal Activity! Then Uncle Sam gets to say to his boys:

Hey you boys wanna get paid for hunting down some negras and having almost complete immunity for whatever you do to them! Yes!? Then we'll pay you guys to be police officers! Yeeeeeeeeee haaaa! And you boys over here! We'll pay you to be ambulance drivers and paramedics who scrape'm off the ground! And you can be a mortician to make'm look good one last time fo' they mamas! And you can be an undertaker! What, you thought we was gonna let'em die fa free? Naw! We make'm pay to come into the world and pay to go out! He still alive? Then we'll pay you to be a doctor so you can patch him up and send him back on the playing field so we can make some more money off of him! Yeeeee haaa! And you guys get paid to be a lawyers! One to prove him innocent and the other guilty! And you get paid to be a judge! And you to be the warden! And you to be the guard! And you to be the bail bondsmen--cuz if they got enough money they can get out of almost anything! But of course The System is rigged in our favor to have the most money! Yeeeee haaa!

And we'll pay you guys to build, own and operate a news paper and spread bad news! Because bad news sells more papers, products, drugs and alcohol!! "Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Somebody got shot! Somebody stole something!" "Breaking news! Somebody got shot! Somebody stole something!" Same news everyday! And we'll pay you guys to be politicians! "Please Mr. Politician! Help us fix things! Our lives are so miserable!" But every 4 years or so you cheer the new politicians into office and boo the old ones out! Cheer'em in, boo'em out! Because for the most part things never really do get completely fixed! Right!?

It's all a charade! Cuz if you think about it, if they fixed things all the aforementioned people would be out of a job! So things stay broke and Out of Order! And then the politicians must use poli-tricks to convince you to send your poor disadvantaged sons and daughters off to another war--against another Country of Color; and their poor disadvantaged sons and daughters! And then you find out that both sides of the war are being supplied by the same gun manufacturer! Mo' money! Mo' money! Yeeeee haaaaa!

And then because The System produces so many criminals SOMEBODY gets paid to build, own and operate prisons to warehouse all the criminals! One million brothers locked up behind bars in the Land of the Free! And The System makes so many people sick that SOMEBODY gets paid to build, own and operate Hospitals and churches and temples and mosques and insane asylums to warehouse all the sick people! Yeeeeeeee haaaaa! And the system always needs new blood and fresh meat so SOMEBODY gets payed to build, own and operate colleges and universities to teach people about The System and how to Work WITH-IN the System! But you can't have too many dark people, poor people or people of color at these prestigious institutions of Higher Learning because these are the people you will be taught how to exploit!! After all, you can't be a Social Worker unless you have lots and lots and lots of poor people, right!?! Unless you are a great darkie basketball player or football player who can make millions of dollars for them, then they might let you in!

Otherwise you would think that with all the colleges and universities, with all the genius professors with their 15 degrees and 3000 IQs, with all the religions and great holy men, with all the politicians and laws and lawyers and books and institutions and people in uniform getting paid to serve and protect you--you'd think we would have a better world than this! But you don't because almost everybody works for and bows down obediently to The System--which depends on things being out of order; and is so insulated and isolated within itself it's like a bubble with a forcefield that makes it hard for LIGHT or True Vital Spiritual Knowledge to break through and be disseminated amongst the people!

And I know you were born into this so you probably think this is how the world is supposed to be! But no! On other planets and in other world cultures there's no crime! No violence! No disease! No poverty! And even no death! Death is nothing but a chronic disease that man has had for so long he now believes it to be a natural fact of life! But they got you thinking you're suppossed to go DOWN INTO THE GROUND, instead of UP INTO THE SKY--where the stars are the porchlights of our AnceStars showing us the way home!

So the ultimate goal of humanity is to continue to change the system, to collectively seek the knowledge to defeat the last enemy of man: death, and to work together in harmony to manifest Paradise on Earth!
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